Recovery Ventures Corporation



A Comprehensive Long Term Residential Rehabilitation Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

Our two year program offers a wide variety of clinical services in a long-term residential treatment setting to help men and women struggling with substance use disorders learn to live a productive life in recovery.

Structure is the foundation of leading a healthy life in recovery.  Recovery Ventures works on a phase system that provides additional responsibilities and privileges to associates as they advance through the program.

In addition to the peer-based modality of treatment, in which the community is the agent of change, we also offer comprehensive clinical services to help individuals meet their goals of long-term sobriety.

About Recovery Ventures Corporation

Recovery Ventures Corporation is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Western North Carolina that offers long-term residential substance abuse treatment and aftercare programs in a Therapeutic Community setting. Our nonprofit organization offers a low cost option for treatment, with unique programs that give hope to individuals and families.

While short-term treatment programs may work for some individuals who suffer from addiction, these programs often fail to provide the necessary tools and time period to implement sustainable recovery. We offer a program that addresses the issue of chronic relapsing in addiction.


Mission Statement
Recovery Ventures is a nonprofit organization that offers individuals suffering from chronic substance addictions long-term residential treatment and aftercare in a safe and healthy environment that promotes self-sufficiency, emotional growth, personal accountability, and personal values enhancement.

Financial Support
Recovery Ventures is entirely self-supporting and does not solicit funds from any tax-based social programs. All operational income is earned through the work our associates perform with our life skills partners in the surrounding community. Any contributions are sincerely appreciated and used for the sole support of our mission.  Please contact our office to arrange for donations of furniture, clothing, hygiene products, etc., or click on the button below to make a donation to our cause.

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